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Arts & Culture
Guido and Elizabeth's foundation work in the area of arts and culture is combined with their vision to improve education.

Of strong interest to the Foundation is the area of arts and culture. The Foundation has a particular interest in the fine and performing arts, for it is in these areas that the quality of life in Calhoun County can most opportunely be supported and enhanced. Programs that involve music, libraries, museums and a zoo all enhance the quality of life in the community. In addition, schools that incorporate music, art, drama, dance, and creative writing into the basic curriculum have found that teaching the arts has a significant effect on overall success in school. Proposals in any of these focus areas would be eligible for consideration.

2016-2017 Arts/Culture Grants
Music Center of South Central Michigan: The Foundation continues to support the Music Center of South Central Michigan by funding a portion of the Battle Creek Symphony's concert series. This support includes underwriting tickets for underserved individuals and families throughout Calhoun County. The Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra is the only professional orchestra serving Calhoun County and is the longest-running orchestra in the state.

Leila Arboretum Society: Support the re-branding, community-wide reintroduction and expansion of The Kaleidoscope Garden, formerly known as the Children's Garden. The Kaleidoscope Garden will continue to serve children ages 4-12 with educational programming and will also visually link the Garden to the new Fantasy Forest, Fragrant Hill Pavilion and Kingman Museum.

Gilmore Keyboard Festival: Elizabeth Binda was a founding board member of the Gilmore Keyboard Festival. The Foundation will be supporting the Young Artist Concert in collaboration with First Congregational Church and W.K. Kellogg Foundation, as well as a Babies and Toddlers Concert in partnership with Willard Library.

  EducationHealthcare and Social Services • Arts and Culture  
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