The Binda Foundation is an education foundation designed to promote learning throughout the lifespan and to encourage people to improve the quality of life in their community.

Happy children sitting on steps

Established in 1977

The Binda Foundation improves the quality of life and promotes equitable outcomes for Battle Creek and Calhoun County residents by supporting Education, Health and Human Services, and Arts and Culture.

Funding Priorities

Our Values

Our commitment is to show up as an authentic and accessible partner with the community to make Calhoun County a better place to live, work, and play. To accomplish this, our core values guide the work of the Binda Foundation. 


We preserve the legacy of Guido A. and Elizabeth H. Binda by exemplifying humility, kindness, transparency, curiosity, authenticity, integrity, flexibility, and willingness to take risks in our approach.

Community Engagement

We are responsive to community-defined needs and partner with the community to leverage knowledge, resources, and opportunities for greater impact.


We are committed to making real differences in the lives of Battle Creek and Calhoun County residents.


We support projects that seek to combat and redress systemic inequities for vulnerable residents in Battle Creek and Calhoun County.